International Relations

Plans and international strategies

Seville's strategy for biosphere reserves Key points for Seville's strategy for biosphere reserves: 1.The increasing contribution of the biosphere reserves in ...
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„A CHANCE FOR THE BLUE DANUBE” International competition on ecological theme, The XIVth edition, Tulcea – 2013

Since 2000, Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (DDBRA) in partnership with “George Georgescu" Arts High School, organise the Poster Competition on ecological theme ...
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International cooperation

International cooperation Since the declaration of the Danube Delta and its geo-morphological annexes as Biosphere Reserve ...
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International conventions

International conventions (World Heritage, Bern, Ramsar, Rio, Danube, Bonn, Aarhus, Espoo, Kyoto) Convention ...
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International projects

International projects Implemented Projects / Ongoing Projects (Romanian) 1. „ Improvement of biodiversity conservation status in the pontic ...
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International Strategies and Plans

Biosphere reserves are designed to deal with one of the most important questions the World faces today: How can we reconcile conservation of biodiversity and biological ...
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